Went to dinner at the local restaurant and went around the table telling our top three things about 2009 -and one worst

Harriet’s was 1) getting her horse Harley (for xmas last year -it took her several days of pinching herself before she’d believe it) 2) running cross country and 3) being captain of the soccer team. She didn’t have a worst -I think she was thinking about it but we never got back to her. Maybe she’s still thinking.

Tom’s were 1) guitar lessons 2) the deal he made to earn a new guitar -something about being nice all year. Nice one, parents. Am taking notes. And 3) soccer club. The worst thing was having his friend Alex move back to the UK.

Alice listed 1) Horseriding 2) soccer and 3) her teacher Mr. Walace (who I’m sure would be stoked to know that). Her worst was still not having her own Dog.

Duncan’s highlights were 1) the night Harley the horse got colic and they had to stay up til morning walking him 2) his first cross country race where he was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t boring to watch and 3) still being to get one over on Tom on electric guitar which he reckons won’t last much longer. The lowlight was being away from home for two months for work in Peace River, Canada.

Dad’s highlights were 1) trip to South America last January 2) a good peach season and 3) the weather overall. His worst moment of 2009: changing Gus’ diaper (just the one I might point out)

My highlights have been 1) watching Gus walk and talk 2) getting to know people in Mosier -last year at this time we didn’t know anyone and now we can say hi to half the people in the restaurant that night and 3) living with Dad -it’s been so good to have this kind of time. My low was general lack of sleep, although it’s better these days.

Charles’ top three were 1) Gus 2) living in Mosier and 3) having things with his Mum turn out ok. His worst moment was standing in the middle of the garden on the hill for good reception, waiting to get the call where he was sure they would tell him his Mum had died.

And Lisa’s top three were 1) the pay-off of getting all three kids sorted in same school 2) the travel they get to do while they’re over here in the US and 3) how well they all survived two months without Duncan. Worst thing about 2009 was, of course, the health scare with her Mum.

After dinner, Dad and Gus played a rousing game of cards (Gus gets to keep the ones he can name) while we played chess and Scrabble in the pub. Until it closed at 10! Then we moved the party up to the house where we struggled to stay up til midnight and play glow-in-the dark frisbee under the bright lights of the full moon reflecting on the snow.

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