Izzy’s Birthday

This is Izzy.
izzybirthday 12

We went to her 2nd Birthday party with her cool family on Sunday at the local pizza place that has this indoor great kid’s room where they could run and scream for hours.
izzybirthday 14

I met Sabrina, Izzy’s Mom, at storytime a few months ago and in addition to being a lovely person, it turns out she’s a professional photographer (in case you were wondering where the usual slapdash photos had gone)
izzybirthday 19

Aren’t these photos amazing?
izzybirthday 10

Gus was pretty happy with his first official sugar high as well.

izzybirthday 7

2 thoughts on “Izzy’s Birthday

  1. yes they are a notch above in quality….I guess she heard that 1.3 megapixel cameras aren’t leading edge anymore.

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