Calf in a Tea Shop

Went to a fancy (albeit affordable) Australian tea parlour for lunch today. In The Dalles of all places. Delicate tea pots, doilies, flower bud vases… Quite the gamble to bring a half baby, half boy to. He had one pb&j and one vegemite sandwhich. Heart shaped and sans crust- very manly. And when he had a gulp of milk from his sippy cup, I swear he raised his little finger.

4 thoughts on “Calf in a Tea Shop

  1. An Aussie tea shop in The Dalles? What the . . . . ? I am going to have to stop telling people that not much has changed in my home town since I was there.

  2. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven past that and thought of you and Chuck, Em and wanted to go in and see just what the *&^((* the deal was.

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