Pumpkin Funland

Took Gus out to Rasmussen’s Farms today. I used to work there in college and it’s a real destination around this time of year.

The pumpkin patch…

The corn maze…

And, of course, Pumpkin Funland.

A huge building filled with scenes made of pumpkin characters. When Chris and I were in charge of it, we took it up a notch and created elaborate mountains, Olympic stadiums, and references to movies (a real twist from the traditional story book genre of years before).


Dolly & Lynn (pictured above) were uncomfortable with our departure from the down home farm craft. But I see now that all that unease is long gone. Now they have scenes where the pumpkin heads are suspended from wires from the ceiling. Wires! We would have never stood for such artificiality back in my day.


I do, however, approve of these two scenes from today. They’re my favorites. Enjoy:


6 thoughts on “Pumpkin Funland

  1. Cool place, that Rasmussen farm. Is that the same place your mom and I have gotten statice bunches and where we went to get the flowers for your wedding?

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