A bit of a day

Gus had four spills today -two of them real doozies and not more than 5 minutes apart from each other. Poor guy.

Picture 3

(Ok, so the last one isn’t a spill but when he cries he keeps pointing to the thing he fell onto, as if taking notes for future reference, but with the cat there was a whole other layer of indignity as if he were saying, ‘she, she, she bit me.’ This after numerous tail pulling and warm-comfy-chair stealing on his part.)

4 thoughts on “A bit of a day

  1. I’m so sorry for little Gus. I am glad, however, that Madeleine isn’t the only one getting booboos like this pretty frequently. Almost everyday she’s got some new bruise on her forehead (and I can’t remember how, from the previous day or even the previous hour, that she did it!). So far the kitties haven’t really managed to scratch her or bite her hard when she pulls their tails so she hasn’t really been discouraged from that activity yet. (Until I decide the poor kitties have had enough and pull her away).

  2. Must be in the air. Javin tried to chop his toe off at my mom’s with one of her wood stove tools. We suspect the poker.

    How long do you think it will be til the cat trains Gus to leave her alone?

  3. Elizabeth wrestles our kitties to the ground and sits on them. They don’t seem to mind. Which is not good, cuz she needs to know not all cats are so unfluffable. They are great cats we have – from Amanda you know. Amanda, I don’t know how you handled our two kitties as kittens, but they never scratch or bite Elizabeth no matter how down to the mat she takes them.

    And, Elizabeth is bumping along the way, too. New scrapes every day.

  4. Funny you should be talking about this but Maddie has managed to get away with only one scratch (from Betsy which she deserved) even though she likes to grab their legs and tails (and pull hard). She’s only gotten some batting and, of course, the cats end up running away in a hurry. But today she was messing with Max and he tried his darndest to turn the other cheek but she got it good right between her eyes. Luckily it missed her eyes.

    She didn’t learn, though. Only minutes later, Max came to sit with us and she reached around and pulled him to her. Max tolerated it, which he normally does. So we’re back to square one.

    I’m not sure what I did to those kittens beyond my usual torture. I’m so glad they’ve turned out so well-behaved! I think it’s all in the genes. Their mom is really good as well.

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