First Day of the Next 2 Weeks

We dropped Charles at the airport again today -he’s off to see his folks for two weeks. All is well with his Mum, it’s just that it’s a long way away and now is a good time for visit before the xmas rush and high prices.

So Gus and I made a day of it in Portland. It started with a coffee with a work friend but then our playdate with Maddie & Elizabeth was canceled due to sickness (a frequent occurrence this winter I fear). I was just thinking about starting to panic (the whole day ahead of us and all that rain!) when I found out that my friends Lisa & David were free. So we spent a few hours playing with Henry & Lucas’ old toys and looking at photo albums (Lisa and a bunch of girlfriends go away to the coast each year for a getaway where they actually organize their huge piles of photos -and somehow manage not to spill wine all over them) and then went to a cool sandwich shop for lunch.


Finally, we headed across town to see the lovely Casey and got to pick up Milo from school (Gus screamed when he saw him and ran towards him waving his hands in the air) and go flower shopping and eat bananas and play plastic electric guitar.


When we got home tonight, we picked an onion (another new word) and talked on ichat to Charles who’d arrived in Hawaii. He has a 24 hour layover which he says was cheapest flight back.

Picture 1
(This is a computer trick, by the way. He’s actually standing in his tiny hotel room. Still -a similar beach is only a block or two away. And yes, it’s still raining here. Humph)

3 thoughts on “First Day of the Next 2 Weeks

  1. That was fun hanging out with you and Gus! Henry and Lucas were sad to have missed seeing you. Henry says we can just leave the baby gate up until you guys come back!

  2. Oooh thanks for the headsup. I was just ichatting with charles the other day and he didn’t mention that he was coming over. Perhaps a sign he doesn’t want to see us 🙂 Ha! Well, I’ll try to get in touch anyway.

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