So we had our 18 month check up yesterday (a month late). Gus is still dead average weight (26lbs/12kilos), a bit taller than average and still has his big head. But one of the standard questions the nurse asked was, “he knows 20 words, right?” And we both went, um, yes? And when she popped out we quickly turned to each other and counted them up:

dada, mama, banana, yeah, no, water, almond, dog, a, b, book, gogo, ball, wall, hat, eye, ear, nose, and bath.

That’s 19. Then we wondered if we could count signs and grunts. Or his little stutter he makes for ‘tractor’. Yes, we decided, tractor counted.

When the doctor came in, he said that yes, it was something to watch but then assured us that unless he has other signs of disconnection, it was fine. And later Gogo told Charles that he didn’t make a sound until he was 2.5 (I think that was supposed to be a comfort). Not that we’re worried. We’re really not.

But it’s as if all this attention to it has kicked something into gear because today he added ‘baby’, ‘nut’ and ‘please’.

(here we see him with half dried tear on cheek, clutching the sticker the nurse gave him after she stabbed him several times in the thighs)

4 thoughts on “Words

  1. I was actually retelling the same story to a mother at the coffee shop today where we were both waiting for story time to start. I mentioned that Gus was at 70% for height and 90% head. She said that Cody (who you will remember is a kid the same age as Gus and who taught him to crawl) was at 5% weight and low for both head size and height. As I basked in the glow that comes from my child beating another child at something, Cody turned to his mother and said “Excuse me mother, but may we leave for story time now? I do beg your pardon but I do not wish to be late”.

    At which point Gus turned to me and added “ba ba ba ba ba” while bouncing up and down.

    90% head. I’m so proud.

  2. Zohaib’s 18 Month visit is in November, and Naseer and I started counting his words too..
    papa( naseer), baba ( old guy that works at store), no ( for everytime I stop him from trying to “start the wall” with Naseer’s car keys in the phone jacks in the wall) , mama ( for when he wants to be loved), mamaah( for when he gets a booboo), mamaaaaaaaaaaah( for when he is mad, very mad …) , mumah( for when he knows he’s being cute, and thinks he might just get away with it) , and bow bow ( for all moving animals) and Choo Choo ( when we pull into the Wegmans’s parking lot where they have a kids choo choo on the ceiling , so kool ) and thats it..

    So does ” uhuh” and finger pointing count? and yeah thanks to teletubbies… Uhoh..
    That makes 8 proper and several variations.. yikes.. we have work to do…

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