Suddenly Fall

Today we broke out the special sweater we had been saving. It’s officially cold again. But doesn’t he look stylin?


We had a great coffee with Ceil at the local cafe before heading to Hood River for storytime which we never made it to since he fell asleep half way down the road. I pulled over and blocked the sun at his window with a towel I had left in the car as I listened to the stories about the tsunami in the South Pacific trickle into World Have Your Say. We heard about locals who happened to be out of the area for the day on a whim and about tourists who lost a child while there on vacation. I am so lucky. I have it so, so good. I need to remind myself not to stare at him in the rear view mirror when we drive.

Amanda and Maddie drove up in the afternoon for lunch and a swim. Maddie and Gus spent the day circling around each other and the toys. Alternatively trying on the ideas of sharing and possessing. But in the end they gave each other hugs goodbye which consisted of a kind of slow-motion head-butting of the other’s chest.


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