5 thoughts on “Clingy

  1. Yes it is bad, Em. 😉 Terrible.

    The veteran of 13 months in childcare has started throwing his arms around my legs in a vice-like grip and wailing – every single morning when I drop him at care. Sure I know it signals a new level of awareness, etc but goddam it’s an awful way to start a work day.

  2. You may as well enjoy it because there comes a time when chillin’ with the parents is a “when hell freezes over” choice.

  3. I am with Aunt Lani, enjoy the clingy just as much as you enjoy the “oh no, not you again, can’t you see I am busy” days.

  4. I think moms tend to over estimate how much kids act like they are too cool for parents. Perhaps moms just want to be the center of the universe and when that stops anything less seems like complete rejection.

  5. Ouch Andie.

    Ouch Aunties.

    Ouch Jake.

    And since writing this post, I’ve thrown my back out and can’t hold/cuddle him as much as I usually do. So now he’s cuddling Charles much more. He even said ‘no’ to a hug from me today -one of his first clear and accurate uses of the word. Completely rejected. : )

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