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I didn’t see Gus at all today. I woke and left before he got up. And I returned just after he went to bed.

I went to SF for a meeting and all through the airport, in the Kinkos, and in the streets where we caught our cabs, I kept seeing and hearing kids his age. They all sound the same -with that same high pitched voice. But I wasn’t sad to leave him this time like I have been in the past. Maybe because I’ve been full time for the past couple of weeks. Or maybe because I didn’t spend the night away. Or maybe just because he’s a bit older now.

Though I did brainstorm all the way home though about the picture books that I want to make for him. The ABC with things and animals he already knows. Otherwise it’s like these random sounds to him: “A is for Atychump! B is for Buvweld! Get it? Now read!”

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