In all the hubbub of the weekend, I forgot to mention that, after 10 year of pining, I finally bought a travel van.

Ta da.
Isn’t she a beaut?

And here are a few shots of the inside before I added a few touches.

The Toyota gets twice the gas mileage as the other models. And it sleeps 4 or 5. So we’re ready for your visit now. Must sign guest book though.

*My friend Jaime came up with the term, by the way. And she should totally write a song about it.

6 thoughts on “Vantasies*

  1. Wow. Now that is not a post you would read every day. Does Charles know you bought a house on wheels? Is he party to this…ahem, vantasy. 🙂

    Seriously I want to bring John and go on a girls n’ toddlers road trip. We can sing truckin’ songs for the boys and see if you can really drive across North Dakota blind-folded.

  2. Aunty Lisa here,

    I was in LAX with Charles waiting to fly home to see mum (mom) when Charles got the email about the RV now known as Vantasy. I am pretty sure he had no BLOODY clue! My family went about kitting themselves out with a new cell phone and some other minor purchases but really that pales in comparison. They are partial to an RV trip though (last summer was Houston to West Virginia) I just don’t think they thought of buying one.

  3. Too cool, Em. Come on up to see us. We have lots of parking for Vantasies.

    But I can’t resist – our trailer is bigger than yoooours. Na na na na na na.

  4. We had a camper when I was a kid, before seat belts and def. before child seats.

    The three of us kids (I was about 4 or 5) would ride in the camper while mom and dad were in the truck. We’d lie on the bed above the truck cab. Whenever we would take a sharp turn all of us would delight in the need to roll across the bed one way and then the other. Fun! Can’t do that no mo!

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