Another packed day

We started with breakfast with Ted & Ann who were here for a wedding.

Followed by a surprise lunch for Aunt Lani with the cousins (Lena, Kyle and their gorgeous monsters)
IMG_2266 IMG_2271

Then by swimming
IMG_2274 IMG_2278

Including a cool rope swing for Lucas & Henry

This afternoon, Aunt Lani and I (and a sleeping Gus) drove out to the wheat country to check out the towns of Wamic and Tygh Valley. A whole nother world out there, I’m telling you.

And then it all wrapped up with a bit of red wine and a winding conversation about existentialism, Taoism, right wing propaganda, moral relativism, truth, death, my parents’ relationship, child rearing, the corporitization of universities, and how driving in bad traffic shows you every time how much more you have to grow emotionally.

5 thoughts on “Another packed day

  1. It was so much fun – the pool in Hood River is a gem and the restaurant was fabulous! Too bad we missed the evening part – would have loved some good red wine and deep thought. By the way, Kyle said that Lucas and Henry were such fun and well-mannered that he really enjoyed hanging out with them. And he doesn’t say that often about elementary school age children since he teaches them and usually can’t wait to get away on the weekends.

  2. 🙂 glad the kids were good! 🙂
    They LOVED seeing these pictures!! Henry was really worried that I would be too scared to see the pics! (i had told him not to do anything dangerous while we were gone!)

  3. Thanks again for putting us up in the RV. (forgot to mention that we couldn’t find a way to flush that toilet, *sorry bout that*)
    So, assuming you’re still talking to us, let us know when when you’re driving that thing down the Willamette Valley.

  4. No worries! It was actually my fault -I should have had the water pump turned on. Glad that turned out for you -it would have been a very wet night in the orchard otherwise.

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