First iPhone Post

At the cafe sucking up the Internet for a few minutes. No power or water due to big fire on the edge of Mosier. Luckily, we’re on the opposite side but have the cars packed with photos just in case. Very strange to have to go through and pick the most important stuff.

4 thoughts on “First iPhone Post

  1. amazing what a few days without a shower will do. I once read that society is two meals from barbarism. It turns out it’s also about 2 showers from being very antisocial.

    FYI, power came on about 10 minutes ago. Just waiting for the water heater…

  2. I’m so glad Mosier was not burned down and that you all are okay. And, I’m glad you have water and power now. From the looks on the faces in the photo, it was grim. 🙂

  3. Update: power and water now back. To do list now includes moving the boxes back up the stairs and cleaning out the fridge. Overall, a great experience to build community and make you realize how truly great this place is (and that I really must scan all the old photos!)

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