Jot to Portland

Met my mini Mom’s group (Amanda & Tricia) at a kid friendly restaurant who had a corner of toys and a kids’ menu with veggie plates that come in the shape of a face (eg olive eyes, salami mouth etc). We had a rude waitress though who clearly didn’t like kids. Ah well. It was great to catch up anyway and the popping up and down in the middle of conversations wasn’t as bad as it could have been with three toddlers.

Forgot to take photos until the car though:
IMG_1925 IMG_1922

Then I met Wiley at New Seasons market for a great coffee and stroll in the park. It was so good to hear about her trip to NY (how I would love to go with her) and just spend some somewhat quality time hanging out (despite the huge amount of Gus focus required). Again, the park would have made much better photos but here is Gus in the little car in the grocery store that he insisted on driving as we looked for Wiley in the store. I can only imagine where he’s hell-bent on going. But I’d make sure not to be on this side of the banana bin.


Loving these Gus days though. Mostly because I’ve let go of any expectation of getting anything else done. And it’s delightful just to follow his pace for the most part. At one point in the drive I was thumping on the steering wheel, singing along to a song and feeling so…happy. And I realized it was because I’ve actually been getting a bit of sleep these days. What a difference. But tough to keep to. See, as I write this, I’m 30 minutes late to bed. So, ok, going now. Night.

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  1. Ah yes sleep – it does make all the difference. Loving Daniella days these days too, combination of her growing personality and vocabulary, she cracks me up several times a day – and most definitely the sleep..hope you’re having a good one x

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