New Trick

For months and months and months, after we put Gus down for the night, we’ve had to sit next to him for 30 -45 minutes until he falls asleep. Get up too soon and he cries.

But three nights ago I stumbled on a new trick…leave the door open a crack and just walk out. It works!  No cries. No shushing or patting. Just walk away and he goes to sleep.

Woo hoo.

4 thoughts on “New Trick

  1. Wow indeed! We’re still doing the old way – so tempting to try yours but i just don’t think we’re there yet..

    and love the photos bringing your trip to life. that 5am one is a classic! and the Manly one idyllic..

  2. That was what you used to do when Gus was younger, right? I remember. Did you fall out of the habit? Gus started demanding a floor show at night?

    It was more than a year ago now but at sleep school I realised the 40 minutes of crying that John did most nights was actually him saying:
    “For God’s sake get out of my room! Stop touching me and stop singing that annoying song! I’m trying to sleep.”

    Boy did I feel silly.

  3. Yeah, Gus used to just go to sleep but then got so he demanded we be there in the room with him (just sitting quietly on the bed in the dark!). Not sure why that started. But it’s nice to be out of that again -for awhile at least. : )

    And yes, haven’t even gotten to the second week pictures yet -working on it! x

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