Sydney Trip First Week

Early mornings (the first one was a 3am-up-for-the-day affair) so we’d get up and walk to Hernandez. One of our favourite coffee shops and the only one that happens to be open 24 hours. It was so early that we didn’t even know the guy behind the counter. Here we see Gus in the middle of his mid-morning nap -at 5am.

Chris Heath flew in from Melbourne to catch up (he’s in the middle of an intensive Korean course) -massive bonus friend points for that one.

Mum’s group with the boys who all had grown and yet had the same basic personalities. Very cool.

An afternoon with Mic, Nic and the (much bigger) boys. They’ve just moved up the coast several hours away so we were lucky to catch them on one of their last weekends in town.

Meeting the family at the airport -the cousins all together for the birthday gathering. This too was early in the morning.

Writing group course -so good to have the time to think about writing again. Felt like old times.

Larissa & Darren (they’re preggers!)

Amber and kiddies! A wonderful sleep over with them in the Blue Mountains.

Zen writing looking out over Manly waters.

And a couple of play dates in the old neighborhood.

Whew. A great first week back.

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