The Journey Over

Off to Sydney! Starting with a two hour flight on a tiny plane with seats in kickable reach and a woman in the seat in front who was wearing an irresistible fountain of pony tail on the top of her head. It’s a freaking miracle Gus never managed to grab it.

But we were lucky to spend the rest of the day in LA with Jaime and Justin (who had just flown in from China). We had walks on the beach and hanging outs by the pool…

…we even talked them into playing a bit for us.

Which Gus loved.

So great to see her -I always wish I could live in the same town so I could catch her gigs and just see more of her in general. Sigh.

Then we jumped on the 14 hour flight to Sydney. We had a bassinette for Gus to sleep in, which he did pretty much right away and for the first 7 hours. But then he woke up. Wide awake. Ready to jump and run with 5 whole hours until we landed. I must admit, at that point, I panicked. The whole cabin was dark and sleeping and we were both exhausted. But a few things were good: it turned out to be one of the new A380s -a double decker plane -which meant there were stairs in the back that Gus could climb and wear himself out on. Secondly, there were two of us, so we took turns walking/entertaining while the other slept. And finally, there were the Wiggles. This was the first time we let Gus watch TV so it was interesting to see him basically shrug at Dora the Explorer. Not interested. But then we turned on the Wiggles and he literally grabbed the small screen with both hands. Riveted. For 20 whole minutes. I suddenly understood why they are the highest earning performers in Australia (above Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman and Steve Irwin).

So we didn’t end up giving him Benedryl or shots of Baily’s, but I can’t really say we went drug free. The Wiggles, they’re like toddler crack.

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