Two days til we get on a plane to Sydney

I’ve had a project in Portland the past couple of weeks -so we did a bit of an experiment and stayed with friends (Amanda & Leigh) for several days so that I didn’t miss too much Gus time with the commute. And it was fun to hang out with them. But it was really good to be back in Mosier this weekend -complete with walks to the coffee shop and chatting with the locals. Made me realize how far we’ve come in getting to know a few people in town. Long way to go, but still, it’s nice when people ask where you’ve been.


Saturday was my Dad’ first cousin Harry’s birthday (basically he’s my Uncle) up at the cabin. A great afternoon with the family.


And today was all about the packing for our trip on Wednesday. Getting excited but dreading the flight: 14 hours long with Gus waking up mid flight and wanting to run around while all the other passengers are still sleeping. Lord help us.

3 thoughts on “Two days til we get on a plane to Sydney

  1. How exciting to get out of town! Hopefully the weather will be nice in Oz. If you have time tomorrow (are you in PDX) for lunch or a quick coffee, let me know. Otherwise, have a wonderful trip!!

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