Hello again

Wow. It’s been two weeks since I posted last. And I have a very full camera to upload -all the way back to Fathers’ Day. So I thought I’d just start with today and add the rest in the next couple of days. Fyi.

Today started very early 4:30am with a ferry ride back from the San Juans where we surprised my Aunt Nette with a visit for her birthday. It was actually a really pretty ride in the morning sun and we got to see orca whales out the side and fit in one last visit with Lena, Kyle & the girls who had the same idea to beat the rush off the island. We also met a few clumps of kids on the boat who gravitated towards each other with their kid radar. One group in particular were really fun and I found myself joining in the joking, so much so that a grumpy lady walked by and hissed at me under her breath to stop the yelling. Oh right. I’m one of the parents now. I forgot. It was a great game of heads or tails though.


Afterwards we popped up to Bellingham to meet Trevor and his lovely girlfriend Hannah.


We spent some time on their boat and then got coffees and chatted as much as we could with the various disjointed Gusruptions. It was great to see them.


Then we spent 7 hours in the car with just one stop for lunch. Gus did pretty well considering. He generally babbled to himself or read books with one of us. There was just one short period of sobbing about 20 minutes outside of Goldendale when he was completely over it and couldn’t understand why one earth we were STILL in the car. But then he discovered an empty oatmeal container and pretended to get his foot stuck in it and that pretty much occupied him for the last hour.

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