More time at the lake

Making progress! Got the first two layers stripped out of the cabin -now just the manky rat nests insulation to go. Mostly thanks to the lovely cousins for taking Gus for a walk while we swung around the crow bars.


He has been really snuggly this weekend. Giving actual hugs around the neck and sitting in our laps for ages listening to really long stories he used to get bored of by page three. Here we see him crawl into Jenna’s lap for a cuddle.


(while simultaneously stuffing face with goldfish crackers -he was in heaven)

2 thoughts on “More time at the lake

  1. Yea…the cabin’s getting done!!! Now there’s an accomplishment. And I do love when they get snuggly!!! (Not the rats) 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to see you guys in July – LFL, TB, Al and I were hoping we could grab you July 23rd xx

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