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We’ve been playing around with the look of the site. What do you think? This picture is from the local coffee shop, by the way. Gus always makes a bee line for the free computers so we pull up 7000days so he can recognize people on it. I always have to scroll for ages to find pictures of people other than him though! (He’s not terribly interested in seeing himself). So I’m thinking I’ll make a new page with pictures of everyone. Then you look up and can see who is commenting too. What do you think?

8 thoughts on “New Look

  1. I really like the new look, Em. It seems cleaner and clearer.

    I think the page with people’s pictures is a good one, but only if I get veto power over which picture of moi you want to use. I wouldn’t want to scare people away.

  2. The new look is terrific – colourful, well laid out and like a ray of sunshine – just like Gus. Photos of people would be a great addition. Look forward to seeing you in July.

  3. I live near the ocean and this new layout has not only been good for me it has been useful in alerting ships out at sea that land is near.

  4. Hey Em,
    When I click on a day in your calender, it goes to the text from that day, but does not include the picture. ??

    Also, I think the look is very nice, but some of the fonts are spotty – or the letters are (and you have several font styles – did you intend them).
    Spotty: “About and Subscribe” have white spots on the letters. And the “y” in the title, 7000 Days, has the bottom of the “y” cut off. But these are really minor, niggly things. Overall I love it!

  5. Oh, and when I click on the tabs above, the images are stretched long and skinny.

    What a pain I am!!

  6. You know I”m opinionated about these things 🙂

    You have some issues with the rollover images on the horizontal nav – I think that’s the spotty issue that Tricia mentioned. Also, I agree with Tricia about the combo of roman and sans fonts.

    Love the clean white look but preferred entries posted the standard (single vertical) blog way. And it’s a pain to have to click through to finish reading entries.

    Feel free to ignore me though as I read exclusively in Google Reader where none of the these things are an issue. I came over specifically so that I could take a look and be opinionated 🙂

  7. I like it too. Only suggestion would be to keep the date with the title so that people like me who only get to check in once a week or so know how far behind we are!

  8. I know, I’ll change it again soon. We had it all updated to this format but then found that the most recent version doesn’t take Flickr photos so we had to revert back to an earlier version (which has all the glitches). Then we ran out of time and haven’t had the umph to go back to fix it. So bear with it for a bit longer and I’ll find something else that’s better. There are hundreds to choose from so you think it would be cinchy. (Sinchy? How the heck do you spell synchy?!)

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