Memorial Day Weekend

We kicked off Friday with a trip to Portland, staying at Lena & Kyle’s so I could go to a quick work thing. So I missed most of the fun kid stuff. But I did get to see Gus make a bee line for the car though as soon as we walked in the door.
The next morning we had breakfast with Casey & Shalen and the boys who are both chock full of energy. Gus follows them around like a flower to the sun.
And then we stopped by the Portland Raceway to see the human powered vehicles gathering. There were races and all sorts of booths set up by people who had created their own bikes, velomobiles and electric cars. I loved that it had all the excitement of the car races sans the loud noise and eye-watering fumes. Our friends even bought one of the space age toys.
I’m particularly proud of this shot -they were moving very fast.

Saturday night Charles and I popped down to the Mosier tavern and the bartender shared her Mom’s strawberry shortcake with us. We also ran into Danny from the coffee shop and had a long and winding conversation that wove through parenthood, religion, growing up in small towns, and the structure of quarks.
Sunday took us up to the cabin in what I had hoped would be the Day We Finally Got It Up and Running. But, alas, we found that mice have made their way into the installation and we have to tear out all the inside walls before it’s safe to use it again. Sigh. I’m determined though. Especially after spending the day with various family members. Katherine met us up there for a picnic and Billy & Kristi and the girls were cleaning out the other place. I love the idea of the girls popping over on their way around the lake. So I see a lot of crow barring in our near future.


Finally, on Sunday night we splurged on a babysitter (a cool kid from up the road) and took Dad out to see the Star Trek movie (which was kinda cheesy but good).

Monday we were back to work as usual. So there you go -all caught up now. Hopefully more interesting, less newsy posts to follow.

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