So since Gus can sign, we’ve had a few pretty interesting conversations. Today on the way home from Portland, he wanted more biscuit but didn’t want to wear the bib. So I explained that if he wanted more, he’d have to put on the bib. Finally, he said ok. But I could tell he had an idea.


So I put the bib on and  as soon as he put the put the piece in his mouth he started pulling the bib off again. Sneaky bugger.

7 thoughts on “Tricks

  1. Love it.

    I think signing is a fabulous developmental tool. I saw Lila making rapid associations (don’t ask me specifics) that I think were the result of training the brain at a very early age, to communicate. I am an awful “explainer” but maybe you know what I mean? It seems to hone their already sharp little minds.

  2. Hi,

    I’m researching our family tree and Ulvi was my mother’s maiden name. (I found your website by googling Ulvi) I am wondering if you have researched the Ulvi name. My grandfather, Henry, came from Lapua, Finland and I’ve had the great fortune to meet relatives when I’ve visited there. He settled in Minnesota. I live in Alaska, but, when I can spare some time, I like to find out more about those early settlers and add to our family tree. If you think there are any connections, let me know. Sharon

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