Roberts/Ulvi Picnic

Sunday was gorgeous -with highs in the 80s


Perfect day for a picnic with Grantie Nett and Gruncle Steave -down from the San Juans – and my favorite ugly cousins from Portland.


You can see here that we were even surrounded by little daisies.


Now, I really want to wrap this up in a way that captures how nice it was to see them, high on the hill with the view of Mt St Helens, the fractured nature of conversation when 3 kids are about, and how much I love the family banter even when it dips into tension at times. But all I can really focus on was the particularly good artichoke dip that Charles brought. It was really very good.

9 thoughts on “Roberts/Ulvi Picnic

  1. looks just ever so blissful 🙂

    thanks for your email – I’m in uk at moment and can’t reply from my computer so just quickly – can’t wait to see you in july, don’t think we are away at all. mon/wed not good, but other than that should be fine if we can arrange the week before or so would be great xx

  2. So great to see you three, Em. And I just love your guys.

    What tension in the banter. Did I miss something? Or am I so used to it that I don’t even notice?

  3. No, no. Tension is probably too strong a word. I just meant the little things that happened like having to park in two lots, trying to find a place that was dry, wondering if we were going ever find Kyle again and slowing watching the kids fry in the direct sun. I really just mentioned that because if I didn’t throw in SOME unpleasantness, and just wrote about how wonderfully idyllic it was to hang out with you, a few people reading here would have felt compelled to excuse themselves while they went to go throw up from all the lovely perfection.

    Oh, and just for the record (cause Dad asked) I called my cousins ugly the way you’d nickname your 300lb friend ‘Slim’.

  4. Em – I know exactly why you called your cousins ugly. I have to take anti-nausea med to even be around them. As I do with Chucky and Gustopher.

  5. It was beautiful! I love picnics and Lila does too – so it was terrific to officially kick off the summer. Sorry about the grumpiness though – sometimes little things like forgetting to stop for bottled water on the way get the better of me… Let’s be sure to do plenty more this summer!

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