More signs

Gus has really started using the signs in the past week or so.

He uses ‘all done’ regularly -without first hitting spoons away or blowing raspberries with his rice cereal.

And this is ‘water’.
This one is ‘help.’ (He used to only do it when he got stuck in the cupboard but today he asked Charles to put his shoe back on and to get down from the swing when he was done.)

And asks for ‘food’ without whining now. He simply does the sign and calmly waits for us to fix him something.

He’s even making up a few of his own. Like when he hides a toy thenĀ  puts his arms up high and almost shrugs as if to say ‘who knows?’ Or when he points to his palm. No clue what that means.

It’s very cool. It feels like we’re talking and there’s much less frustration with him. Oh and we may be close to weaning as well because tonight when he was about to breastfeed, he pulled my sweater back down and signaled for food. Clear as day.

7 thoughts on “More signs

  1. When hides the toys and then puts his hands up in the air, isn’t that like something we do when we play “where’s Gus?” Is he playing “where’s my toy?”

  2. That is so fun! How wonderful to finally have an obvious 2-way communication even before he’s able to be verbal!

  3. Wow. That is awesome. How very fun. You get to know a little more about what he is thinking. I read that once they get the concept of signs, it really takes off and toddlers want point to learn more and more signs. Does he know kitty? Or does he say kitty?

  4. This is so cool. We haven’t done signing, but I’m becoming totally fascinated by it. Joe has quite a lot of words, all of which either involve him pointing at something and saying it (cat! book!) or come with some sort of movement or gesture like rubbing his hands together and saying “osh” to signal he’s had enough food and it’s time to wash his hands.

    He does a palm up shrug and says “gone”, when he hides a toy. Which sounds similar to the sign Gus is doing.

  5. The pointing to his palm means Mum (sorry I mean Mom), Dad this is where I have you – right in the palm of my hand! Next he’ll advance to wrapping something around his little finger. I’m an aunty and even I know these signs! Nicx

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