Mothers Day 09

Despite having to work for half the day, I had the best Mother’s Day ever (well, the last one wasn’t terribly hard to beat since he wasn’t even awake for it, but still). We went to lunch at a Mexican place in town who had a band playing the whole time. Gus was MESMERIZED.


And it was also the first time we sat in a restaurant as he ran around the tables. I’m sure not the last.


Aunt Lani asked Charles to take a picture of me and Gus for the site today, so here it is. It looks sweet -like he’s snuggling into a cuddle, but really he’s wiggling down to get away.

Then we went shopping and it was suddenly totally apparent what a big deal Mother’s Day is here. The place was empty -except for clumps of men with the their various aged kids, all dressed to the nine, holding flowers as they stood in line at the check out.


And finally, in the late afternoon, Charles broke out the Gus prezzy: fingerpaints. Oh yeah! It was one of those things that looks so twee from the outside (overused in cheesy commercials) but was a stupid amount of fun to actually do.


It started out mellow and then he got more and more into it.


My only job was to make sure he didn’t eat the paint.

I failed. (In my defense, he was obsessed.)


And finally, here’s another picture of Gus and I. Although it looks like I’m holding him down while he screams for DOCs to save him, in this one he really is snuggling in for a cuddle, which involves a lot of babbling talk. He’s not a quiet child.

2 thoughts on “Mothers Day 09

  1. Happy Mom’s Day. You know, I think you can get edible finger paint. You might have to visit a porn shop to get it, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing….But seriously, I’m pretty sure it’s out there, probably full of sugar though.

    It looks like a terrific Mother’s Day was had by all!!

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