Worth every penny -all 200 of them

We bought this walker toy at a garage sale this morning and by 11am he was running across the floor with it and had learned to navigate around various obstacles.


He’s also walking on his own more. (Gogo, you were so right)

It’s kinda weird to watch actually -these first glimpses of what will soon be so normal.

5 thoughts on “Worth every penny -all 200 of them

  1. What did Gogo predict? And, is Gus really running? If so, will all photos be a blur from now on?

  2. Gogo mentioned that he’d like a push toy to help him become more comfortable walking.

    When we gave him the toy he was cautious for about 0.3 seconds and then was off like a shot.

    And yes – he runs with it.

  3. It is so cool Gus has a big, flat floor to run around on.

    He surely does look happy.

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