This afternoon I took Gus to place in town where you can pay a few dollars and let your kid run around. A whole room of toys and I wondered what he’d choose to play with.

He started with the cars. This big school bus and a big red plastic fire engine.

Then he discovered the shopping cart that he could push and walk with. Ok, so I showed him that one. And that was good for awhile until he got sick of running into stuff all the time.

There was a cool tunnel filled with balls (at least before Gus got to them)

A guitar that he spent quite a bit of time trading off with another kid throughout the couple of hours.

Oh, and these huge stuffed animals -a lion, a tiger and a big black gorilla that he kept touching then running away.

There was a big pile of castles with little figures that a bunch of boys were playing with. And behind that pile, buried under some costumes was this yellow construction truck thing that he somehow knew was there.

And finally, my feminist heart glowed with pride when he found the pile of dolls and gave them a good chunk of his time as well.
(even though he bit their heads and smashed them together)

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