Last two weeks of July

That’s when we’ll be in Sydney for Charles’ Mum’s surprise party (that she now knows all about).

Not sure where we’re staying yet but we’re very excited to see everyone.

(This was at the pub late this afternoon -starting to get warm here. Just as Sydney gets cold.)

10 thoughts on “Last two weeks of July

  1. Yay! for you coming that is – not for the cold. sitting here in ugg boots next to the heater, completing the picture with a box of tissues..

    Oh well, England next week 🙂

  2. It’s FREEZING here today. I had to wear a jumper! With my shorts!!! Winter in Sydney brrr. Bring your long sleaved cossie!
    By the way I suspect that might not be the only time in his life that Gus is sprawled on the steps of a pub! Nicx

  3. Bummer, you’ll miss Maddie’s birthday! But maybe we can push it into August (she’ll never know the difference) so you can attend!

  4. I know- we’re so sorry! But we’ll make it up to her. And we’d be thrilled if we could make the party.

  5. YES! Now you simply HAVE to come and stay. It’s karma! ;o)

    You’re more than welcome. You can have the back door key and come and go as you like. We’re loving the weather here – the fireplace is fired up and the beach looks amazing and not so busy!

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