Gus saw his first parade today. We met Christina in the The Dalles this morning and found ourselves a curb to sit and watch the horses and marching bands and the various people riding in cars -all throwing candy at us. Gus was a huge magnet for fistfuls of tootsie rolls, peppermint stripes and tiny lolly pops. I remember as a kid waiting the entire parade for one or two pieces to happen to fall near by. But now that Gus doesn’t eat sugar and I’ve just started my new healthy eating kick… it pours.

Speaking of pouring, did you know that horses only pee once or twice a day? So it’s rare to spot one doing so, right? Well, I’m hoping it’s some kind of good luck thing because as we sat there we watched not one, not two but three horses empty their entire bladders onto the road -about 20-30 liters (or 5 -10 gallons). It was pretty damn impressive, I must say.

(note the ground below the horses behind us)

Then we headed to Portland to visit with Cousins Lena & Kyle and their cuties Lila and Lainy.

IMG_0331 IMG_0330
Gus went into a kind of toy frenzy and got particularly obsessed with this car. Kept opening and shutting the door and basically stopped being very social. I wouldn’t have been surprised to look over at some point to see him polishing the wheels down with one of his spit up rags. Plastic wrench sticking out of his back pocket.


And then we ended the day with a lovely dinner out with Roberts/Heberds at a fairly family friendly local pasta place.  Maybe it was the excitement of the horses/ cousins/ car, but Gus was being really loud as he ate. Charles thinks he’s that loud all of the time and we just don’t usually care. But in the middle of the restaurant, it was in danger of disrupting other people around us. Yikes. Time to start teaching him about ‘inside voices’ before we take that 15 hour flight to Sydney (where he’ll be wide awake at 3am -wanting to chat to everyone around him and go for big exploratory walks all around the plane). Lord help us.

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  1. Wow, you really know how to pack a day full! The Dalles is nearly two hours from PDX and PDX is an hour from Mosier. Sheesh! 15 hours will be nothing to you. When you heading to Oz?

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