Pride and joy

I had a few minutes left over after a meeting in Portland yesterday so I stopped by to see Amanda & Leigh’s new place. It’s gorgeous. Big and light and surrounded by friendly neighbors with front porches that they appear to actually use.

And Maddie woke up from her nap in time to say hi too. She’s getting so big. Crawling like crazy and has a sweet little giggle to match those baby blues. She’s an absolute delicate delight.


And then there’s, um, my child.


10 thoughts on “Pride and joy

  1. Laughing.Too.Hard.To.Comment….

    I just love Gus. Madeleine may seem delicate, but she’s quite often gotten herself caught in compromising positions. Maybe not quite that compromising, but I think it shows that he’s quite curious and willing to put himself out there to investigate the matter.

  2. PS. It was really lovely to see you! I hope we can do it again soon with Gus, Chuck & Leigh as well.

  3. Um, sorry, but it is a kid thing. I know plenty of little girls who are inclined to climbing into pet kennels and more. It is the sign of an adventurous and free child who’s curiosity is allowed to run.

  4. I have to agree with Aunt Nette. Though we haven’t gotten pics of her crawling into a cat carrier, I know if we had one on the floor, Maddie would crawl right into it, get stuck and scream to be let out.

    I wish now that I’d taken a pic of her with the kitty roca in her hand before I took it away, but the camera was too far away and I was afraid she’d already put it in her mouth once.

  5. cat poop covered in kitty litter, resembles almond roca 🙂 Dogs (and kids?) loves them some kitty roca.

  6. I’m surprised that Emily was able to get a full frontal face shot with her at least partially smiling. Most of the time when I pull out the camera she pretends she’s interested in looking any other direction but at the camera.

    Maddie thanks you for those very kind words! I definitely melt when she smiles, I think she’s pretty darn adorable 🙂

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