Apparently this was Gus’s second word. I haven’t heard it yet but he was carrying a rubber one around for most of the morning.  Grandpa is also morphing from ‘dada’ to more of a ‘gha’.

Oh and he suddenly has three new back teeth. Gus, that is, not Grandpa.

I’m busy catching up with a deadline but keep wanting to play with my new phone and/or write to people to thank them for birthday stuff. I have a sort of birthday resolution to pull my head up out of the insular cave I’ve been in for over a year and start being a good friend again. Looking forward to it once I get this report done.

Still no sign of the camera. I’m gutted. Some great photos on it, plus I’ve come to think of it as a kind of well-worn friend.  (Come back! I’ll be better, I promise!)

Update: here’s a photo from the morning in the coffee shop that a fellow parent just sent us

3 thoughts on “Duck

  1. He looks like such the little boy, not a baby! I can’t believe how much he’s grown…Here’s hoping you get your camera back soon!

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