Ok, sorry I’ve been lame the last couple of days. Things have been busy around these parts getting ready for Thursday’s conference thing. Plus work stuff on the plate as well. AND I seem to have lost my camera with the entire weekend’s photos trapped inside.

But here are a few photos that Aunt Lani took of the Wine Conference on Saturday. Which turned out to be a surprise party thrown by Charles (and, he says, a ton of help from Lena). It was surreal to walk into a room full of people I know and love when I was all prepared for old crusty vintners. I got all shy and embarrassed.

IMG_1560 IMG_1563 IMG_1564

But it was a fabulous day. Gorgeous sunshine and lots of happy kids.
IMG_1573 IMG_1583 IMG_1580 IMG_1587

A lovely way to spend one of my few remaining days.

(Hope I find my camera because I have lots more good pictures)

6 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. Happy Belated birthday! It was lovely to see you on such a beautiful day (it’s lovely to see you no matter what the weather) and to meet some of the friends I’ve heard so much about!

  2. I agree with Amanda – seeing people in person whom I’ve seen on the blog posts was great, including all the babies, and to meet Gonzo after all these years of hearing about him was terrific too. I’m sorry your camera is AWOL and I hope you find it soon. Lots of love and here’s to at least 40 more!!

  3. Well, I guess will be the one to mention the finely aging vintage guests and the promising newly bottled ones.

    Maybe Gus swallowed your camera.

  4. A wonderful day. So nice to meet everyone. What do you mean by “few remaining days?” I hope there are lots left, not just a few. Cheers to watching the newly bottled ones age! Nice analogy Jake. Me likey.

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