We pulled our feet out of the dirt and dragged the roots behind us as we headed to Portland to socialize for the first time in ages. Almost can’t believe that none of us are coughing or wheezing for 4 or 5 whole days now.

Our first stop was to see Lena, Kyle, Lila and Lainey. But sadly, in the excitement of forming whole sentences, I completely forgot to pull out the camera.

But I made up for it when we got to Tricia & Seb’s. Here we see Gus and Elizabeth having a finger eating contest (life’s pretty harsh before you’re allowed to eat sugar.)

Here we have the beautiful family (Elizabeth has only just recently passed the cats in weight)

And then to top off the day, Isis and Ilysa stopped by the orchard to stay the night. (Love the pink shoes -and the red ones, for that matter)

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