Are you ready boots?

We bought two pairs of shoes for Gus today (not shown!) -ones he can wear around the orchard this summer.

And we checked out the local daycare center in case we both have work stuff come up at the same time. He’s too big for the infants’ class but they can’t take him in the toddlers’ class until he can walk.

And this evening he took a few very small wobbly steps as we encouraged him to go back and forth between the two of us.

So you can see that we’re all ready now.


2 thoughts on “Are you ready boots?

  1. Exciting times! Daniella still ends up barefoot most of the time. Even though she totally seems to be a shoe girl and gets very excited when she sees a pair – hers, ours, in the shop or wherever (she’s always trying to cram a pair onto me too!)

    But much as she might ask to have her shoes put on, its usually just part of the game so she can take them off again. This morning she sat down on the pavement four times to take them off before i just gave up and stuffed them in my bag again, ready to just wear all the ‘what sort of mum are you to let your child run around barefoot in the streets, and look how filthy those feet are…’ looks..yes, we were in mosman and martin place today!

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