12 thoughts on “First (ever) sleep through the night!

  1. Yeah, not so much. I kept waking up with his every little movement and Charles had a bout of insomnia and was up reading half the night. But still.

  2. Do you mean there’s still hope for those of us who’s babes *don’t* sleep through the night?? What was your trick?

  3. I’m not sure if I can believe you. I’m not sure anymore if I’ve ever slept through the night. Can’t relate.

  4. I hear ya!

    I’m not sure if was anything we did. He started doing odd things with his naps all of the sudden too – sleeping for 3 hours in the late afternoon (when 1.5 was the norm) and then not sleeping in the mornings… But when I was in St Louis, Charles offered Gus a cup of milk in the middle of the night and, although Gus knew exactly what it was, he refused it until 5am both mornings. Basically wasn’t hungry. So when I returned, we did the same thing -just snuggled him until he went back to sleep. Even when it was me doing the snuggling, he didn’t ask to feed. After that, it only took a few days for the wakings to diminish -going from 20 minutes of snuggles to a simple pat back to sleep. But it was all him. If he had cried or wanted to be fed, we would have happily done so.

    That said, I’m not holding out any expectation that this will continue. I think he’s already getting the cold I brought back with me. Besides, who’s to say it wasn’t just a one-off from the doctor’s shots? We shall see.

  5. Tricia’s right. Sounds like a fantasy. A very good one, mind you, but a fantasy nonetheless! 🙂 Hope it’s not the vaccines and that it’s here to stay.

  6. Am i allowed to be jealous??

    Seriously, thats great news – let us know if it continues 🙂

    Its so frustrating when they sleep but you can’t! have you had to express or has your body adjusted?

  7. Re the jealousy – I totally know the feeling!

    Last night was ok -he woke once at 4:30a and I panicked and fed him but on reflection I think he had just wedged himself up against the wall.

    He’s been slowly eating less so no need to express so far. We’re down to only twice a day now -at 6am and then at 6pm. Really just following his lead. Will let you know how it goes…

  8. wow, thats great! and it would certainly make working far easier – i keep feeling that i have to arrange things around her and being here for feeds every few hours, and just don’t know how to do groups in the evening let alone interstate stuff so i am going to need to make some changes.

    that’s funny about the ‘unnecessary’ night feed. it can be so hard to gauge why they’re waking can’t it? she just crawls over craig and basically helps herself so we know thats what she wants. whether its what she needs…???

    she still signals to feed at any time of the day when she fancies, but maybe i should leave it to those times only. because i am now totally in the habit of feeding her to sleep i always do at nap time and bed time as well as wake and whenever else, plus as she seems to have dropped that afternoon nap i’ve been still offering the feed thinking it might help her be more full and sleep better. but maybe its time to change that and just let her decide when she wants to.

    mm, lots of questions!!

  9. The best thing I’ve read lately is a book that says ‘why would you change the way you parent at night vs in the day?’ It really hit home for me. Because when Gus asks for food in the day, I never dream of saying no and letting him cry. (Which isn’t to say that the cry it out method is bad! I’m in no way condemning it. I know it works. It’s just not right for us so far.)

    And yeah, I stopped offering to bfeed him unless he indicated that he wanted it. Partly because he had started refusing it anyway. And partly because he sometimes bit me. : )

    The cold is in full swing these days so he’s waking up at least 10x a night, sitting up and waiting for one of us (usually Charles) to pat him back to sleep.

    Would love to hear how you are doing Nicky. And everyone else!

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