We met up with Amanda and Maddie earlier in the week. Gus was very sweet with them, petting Maddie like a kitty and giving Amanda hugs.


Maddie is starting to crawl too. She’s always been full of energy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she walked before Gus does.


3 thoughts on “Maddie

  1. Maddie is crawling?!! The two of them are so cute together! I was just looking at the pictures of the three of them (Gus, Maddie, and Elizabeth) this morning from last October. They were so little.

  2. Maddie is “swimming” on the floor. She’s really scooting and not crawling. Though she does strike the hands and knees crawling pose now and then, more often now than she used to when she first started scooting. But the basic fact is that she’s moving around on the floor on her own and she’s a force to be reckoned with.

    I can’t believe how big they’re all getting as well. Chuck and Emily watched Maddie for me yesterday for a couple of hours and when I picked her up, I helped change Gus’ diaper. I couldn’t believe how meaty he is compared to Maddie. Just a reminder how much bigger they’re all going to get in just a few short months.

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