7 thoughts on “First homemade bad haircut

  1. Thanks. You can’t see here but I only cut the hair in front of one ear -the other still long. And the back is a tangled mess that I was about to cut and then lost confidence. It may be a many staged cut.

  2. I stopped thinking that we’d take him to someone but then it seems a bit ridiculous to pay for a one year old. So he’s had his lopsided do for 3 days now.

    But is Daniella gorgeous bald! I’m sure you can’t mess up.

  3. Not bad Em. I used to cut the boys hair while they were sleeping! This worked great. When they were old enough to sit still I went back to the waking hours. Sometime I’ll tell you the story of the automatic clippers and Colton….that’s when I stopped trying to cut their hair…and blamed it all on the poor lady at Perfect Look!

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