First swim

For the past three days Gus has woken up in the worst mood -which is not normal for him. We’re not sure if he’s tired or hungry or just bored but the only thing that makes him stop crying is to take a long walk in the orchard. So today I thought I’d try swimming in the afternoon.

I didn’t get any pictures of him in the actual pool since it was a logistical nightmare to get us both in swimmers let alone trying to keep the camera dry amidst the initial clinging to me in fear. But here he is before we went in:


And here he is after. He had a great time once he got the hang of things and by the end he was putting his hand over a fountain stream and shoot the water directly into his face. Also, isn’t this a great little chair? VERY useful. Wonder if the men’s bathroom has one.


3 thoughts on “First swim

  1. Yeah! Maybe we could take our little swimmers for a swim date. Though I will need to buy her a new suit since she had outgrown her 1st suit as soon as it came in the mail….

    He’s so cute! It really is a bit of a nightmare, though, getting them dressed (or undressed) and you dressed. Thank goodness for the chair and the changing table.

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