11 thoughts on “And after all that, we didn’t let him have any

  1. He’s beautiful!! Gus is growing into his own handsomeness like it’s a snug little glove! Looking more like you every day, Em. (Sorry Charles). 😉


  2. Keeping him off sugar for as long as humanly possible! That said, 8 days ago, Charles found him on the floor in front of a cupboard with an open bag of sugar -a full mouth and two fists full and ready to follow. When he saw Charles, he let out a maniacal laugh and scurried across the floor -back and forth 12 times.

  3. But Emily, (multiple people have tried to tell me that …) all the literature says that sugar does not wind a child up or make them go crazy. I’ve never understood how the empirical evidence right in front of my/our eyes is so easily denied. Good luck.

  4. I’m with you Em – i figure she’s going to have enough years of cake,chocolate and junk, what she doesn’t yet know about she doesn’t miss. Daniella had a blueberry muffin for her birthday (whilst the adults stuffed down mud cake and lemon butter cake ;)) but she hyperventilates and pants with excitement at a bowl of blueberries (every day..) so i just don’t see the need for cake yet! did ypu bake it by the way?

  5. I can’t remember if you ever met Mateo, a little handful that I used to babysit when I was in grade school/jr high. He was a huge terror and I really never looked forward to babysitting him. He’d scream bloody murder when I tried to put him to be and yell how his mom was going to throw me out the window. Very nice kid (loads of sarcasm here). He never ever would cooperate easily, even with his mom. Constantly irritated and irritating.

    Then his mom pulled him off sugar completely….within a couple of months he was *the nicest kid I’ve ever met* no joke. Very cooperative and reasonable (but not in the Stepford Wives kind of way). Stick to your “no sugar” guns. It’s worth it.

  6. Hmmm – making me think about sugar now. Add to the list.
    If E goes off sugar, I guess I should, too. That might kill me. Sugar, I love you.

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