aka a Monster

This weekend, Gus became a toddler. He can now stand in his highchair during meals, stand in the tub to turn the water on, take all the pans out of the pans cupboard, all the Tupperware out of the Tupperware cupboard, folded clothes out of the laundry basket, etc. He now gives a bit of a tanty if he was chewing on something you take away, can throw, regularly bolts for the bathroom door or the dishwasher if he hears them open, and points to where he wants you to take him… now.  Oh yeah, and he thinks it’s fun to reach for the stove handles too.
He’s still sweet but he suddenly has strong desires and reactions. He has a will.

God help us when the testosterone kicks in.

4 thoughts on “aka a Monster

  1. We do 3 or 4… but nothing from Gus yet. Unless you count waving bye and high 5. Are you? My cousin Lena (& Kyle) did it with their oldest and loved it.

  2. My sister came to visit, and in a matter of 5 minutes Elizabeth started mimicking her. Diane would hold out both arms to pick her up and wait until E did it back. Then she picked E up. Delighting her. I do it now. So, that’s it so far. Have been reading about it and we do cat, more, drink. I think it’s fun. And yes, I would count waving and high 5 as sign language.

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