So we had a couple of options last Sunday. We could have seen the Teluride documentary or gone down to the cafe for homemade bluegrass, but instead we opted for chips, pizza and million dollar commercials.

My old high school friend Tammy invited us over -and since we both were on the football cheerleading squad, it was only fitting that we celebrate it with her (to be fair, Tammy was the real cheerleader and I was just a mascot).

We had to leave before the exciting end to the game but Gus thoroughly enjoyed all of Lanie’s toys. I had to keep pulling him away from various barbies, tu tus and horses with purple manes.

(It’s an amazing room. The other side that you can’t see has a wall of mirrors with a miniature ballerina bar. Another friend of Tammy’s walked in and told her ‘you waited too long to have a girl.’ Wonder what the boy equivalent would be. Racecar bed, rocket staircase/slide and mini basketball court..? Nerf shooting range? Not sure. But I love it.)

13 thoughts on “Superbowl

  1. There must be two Tammys from high school! Because one Tammy has two boys, doesn’t she? and the photo above doesn’t look like at least one of the Tammys. Oh my! Are they both in Eugene? Or am I confused?

  2. BTW: I think Lanie’s room is great, btw. What a lot of fun to help the imagination go wild. And, she’s pretty adorable, too.

  3. Yes, there are two Tammy’s! One in Eugene and one in The Dalles. The first my next door neighbor in kindergarten and the second my next door neighbor in high school (although the second Tammy was in my 3rd grade class and the first Tammy went to high school with me in Eugene). Both have two boys. Clear as mud?

    Tammy 2 from above comments is a 3rd Tammy -although she has a deep voice and a large shiny head.

    I can’t remember any of the commercials. Wasn’t terribly impressed. But thought it was a bad year due to the recession and all. Lots of filler ads for network shows. Oh, I did like the Conan one. Good acting. Subtle humor. What about you?

    And Tricia, the room is even better in person!

  4. I’m sooo confused….which Tammy am I? I think I’m Tammy 2, but I didn’t leave leave the comment that is from Tammy 2….who you say is Tammy 3 with a deep voice and large shiny head?? I don’t know, I look pretty shiny (aka oily) in the Super Bowl pics!

  5. Ok, so Tammy McKay Reeves from Eugene is the first one Aunt Lani ever met -so she’s number one. Then Tammy Haskins Dirks from The Dalles was featured in the post -so she’s number two. The mystery Tammy2 and Tammy4 from the comments are my troublesome cousin Jake. So Amanda, you get a prize.

    And yes, Aunt Lani, Tammy Haskins DIrks also has a lovely daughter Lanie with a fabulous pink room that Gus just couldn’t keep away from.

    : )

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