First Overnight Trip

Sorry, once again I have lots of pictures to upload but no time right now cause I’m packing for a trip to St Louis tomorrow for work. It’ll my first night away from Gus and, I know he’s almost 1 and it’s not going to kill him, but I do feel kinda sad anyway. It’s not logical. And I’m not sorry for myself or anything. Just sad.

I like being there for him in the middle of the night. That’s all.

5 thoughts on “First Overnight Trip

  1. I love it! I am not alone. Emily, it took the birth of my second baby to get me to be apart from my little Gianna for an entire night. It was about 20 hours of separation, to be accurate. And, Gianna was 26 months old….
    I just like being there for her at night, too.

  2. And he has a sore throat and wants to feed every two hours to sooth it! I hope tomorrow night is better for Charles or there will be tears for both of them.

  3. I don’t know why but the image of a bedraggled Charles just about to nod off when Gus needs attention again and thus driving Charles to exhausted tears is funny to me.

  4. It all went great, by the way. Gus only woke once and didn’t want to feed. So there you go. All back to normal the next night. Meanwhile I had a whole night to sleep through and ended up waking 3x out of habit!

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