Month 11

More mobile -gets into things quicker

Gets down off chairs, couches, bed by turning around and shimmying down

Points to be taken where he wants to go


Knows the word ‘no’ and gets all coy when you ask what he’s just put in his mouth, as if turning his head and smiling will stop us from digging it out

Sits on his knees more

Knows the word “Grandpa” now


He’s still waking twice a night but getting him to sleep has gotten worse! Instead of laying down, he climbs up and stands holding the sides of the cot. Takes up to 30 minutes sometimes now. Very hard to take after months and months of simply walking out of room at end of the song

And the poos! They’ve become two person projects to change

Started him in on yogurt and cheese (no correlation or relation to the poos)

Can find the Owl & Pussy Cat book among all the others when you start reciting the poem

Started being able to move the old wood boxes that block the fire. So we added clamps to keep them in place. Won’t last long though:

Overall he’s far more interactive and I’m just thoroughly enjoying the fact that I have a new friend.


3 thoughts on “Month 11

  1. It’s so much fun to experience each phase of babyhood as it turns into toddler and then into “kid.” (I’m still in the kid phase with Grant so I can’t go beyond that yet)(I may not be saying this same thing at 13…) I’ve loved each age with it’s new discoveries. And although I look back as his cute chubby baby pictures with fondness…I am really enjoying the time I have with my big boy now. The fun doesn’t end…What a joy to be a parent!

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