Ahhhh!!! Bubbles! Ahhhh!

So Christina and Katherine are off to California for the month and stopped by to play cards tonight. Before Gus went to bed, Katherine pulled out a little thing of bubbles and blew them at him. To be fair, he was a bit tired, but this is the only picture that Charles could get before Gus needed a bit of comforting.


After dinner, they proceeded to beat the snot out of us at cards. Leaving Charles, Dad and I with similar looks on our faces as we waved goodbye.

7 thoughts on “Ahhhh!!! Bubbles! Ahhhh!

  1. When we were at the last story time, admittedly Maddie was coming down with a cold or teething or was just tired from lack of good sleep, but when they sang a song that called for a little scream in the middle, she burst out in tears. It was sad and funny at the same time! Hopefully Gus doesn’t have a bubble-phobia because that’s one of the best things to do as a child, besides kite-flying.

  2. I am frequently amazed at what scares the individual kid. I actually don’t remember my kids, especially Lena, being afraid of anything. Eli was only afraid of people. Now look at him.

    What kind of cards did you play?

  3. One of the funniest pictures I’ve seen of Kyle when he was little was a studio shot, with some bubbles floating his way, and a look of terror on his face. The next few were of his face crinkling and then all out crying. Hilarious. But probably not for his mom at the time.

  4. Lean – be honest about it. Those pictures of Kyle were taken just a couple of years ago. That’s where Lila gets it.

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