He noticed.

We’ve had the best blow-up bath -so good that when it developed a cat-claw sized hole (and then proceeded to fill up with water on the inside that wouldn’t come out and started to go all stagnent) we went back to the same company and ordered a replacement. Except that they were out of their standard model and forced us to upgrade to their ‘deluxe’ -which was the same exact size but had ducks on it (instead of little dinosaurs) and a blow up duck and ring toss thing on the sides.


When I took Gus in for bath tonight, Charles said, “I wonder if he’ll notice that it’s changed.” And when I put him down in the water he sat still and slowly reached out and touched the duck’s bill with his finger. He then half-heartedly splashed a bit before he turned, stood up and started crying to be lifted out.


We see a harmless, fun bath…


Gus sees eeeeeevil duck.


8 thoughts on “He noticed.

  1. There must be a name for the pathological fear of ducks…Can you cut it off without putting a hole in the new tub? Or maybe just ease him into it by putting him in it during the day when there’s no water? It would be a tragedy of the duck put him off baths forever.

  2. We actually went back and played with the bath from the safety of my lap and a nice dry towel around him. We’ll see tonight if it did the trick or not. : )

  3. Maybe the Beaver in the household has been whispering in Gus’ ear about ducks being evil. Lies, all lies. Do they make Beaver baths?

  4. I have to say, the face in the first photo does look a bit skeptical about the whole thing. I think he thought you were trying to fool him somehow….Go Ducks! 🙂

  5. Went much better tonight. He started out cautious but eventually whapped the duck a few times and by the end of the bath, he was splashing again.

  6. Where did you get that tub? What brand? We need to get the next tub size for Elizabeth. She loves her baths, too. Kicks and splashes. It’s really one of the highlights of her day. That, and waking up at 5am to blow bubbles. Lots of bubbles.

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