11 thoughts on “Is it bad that I took pictures before I stopped him?

  1. well at least it was very clean! And amanda – the keeping the lid down will only work for so long..once the fascination sets in (at similar ages it seems) they’ll try to lift it themselves..with potentially nasty consequences for those little fingers

  2. Really, the main reason we keep the lid down is so that the cats don’t drink out of the toilet. Plus now I worry about drowning. But yes, I can definitely see that eventually she will become curious about what’s in there. I’ll have to cross that bridge when I come to it, I guess….

    And Chuck, this is how they build up their immunity 🙂 I’m sure this won’t be the most disgusting thing he gets into. Don’t you guys have a cat box?

  3. I have no opinion about whether it was bad to take pictures first, but if I did I think I would disagree with Chuck.

    Lena was in middle school before our kids had a toilet to play in and then they just didn’t see the attraction. At least I never caught them. ;>)

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