Last Day of Vacation

The morning started with a video call from Ramona in France! So cool to see Josephine growing up and to meet Gabriel (and say hi to Nicolas). Not sure they were as impressed though since Gus didn’t say much back to them. Will have to be more entertaining next time.

Picture 3

Then I wrote this email to two fellow Moms later in the day. It pretty much sums up the day, so thought I’d just post it:

Only a few minutes while Gus sleeps so this may be short.

Our car is also dead -half way to Portland last week with a cracked engine. So we’re back to the Volvo which has no traction. And been mostly house bound for several days now.

The house is clean at least. And we’ve constructed a kind of play pen for Gus with a circle of couches. He’s supposed to cruise around on them (walk around holding the edges) but instead he calls out to be walked by us -holding his hands as we shuffle along behind him. Which kills the back.

Today we walked him down to the coffee shop in his stroller -since Dad finally got the skidder going and plowed the driveway. The roads after that were icy in patches but clear enough to walk along the sides. We had a great chat with a couple of people in the back room -people think nothing of saying hi to strangers and starting a conversation. I love it.

No new snow today but the clouds are forming… (ominous music in background)

And tomorrow we start a new work schedule where we trade off at 12:30p. Trying to get as much Charles programming time in so he can finish his thing.

Good you got your packages -I still have 15 presents (including the ones for you guys) stuck at DHL in Portland. I ordered them on the 10th and they were unable to get here from Kelso (why Kelso?) for over two weeks -so on the 26th I finally had them transfer it to PDX so I could pick them up. The plan was last Monday -when our car died. sigh.

The only thing I’d add is that I made split pea soup for dinner tonight and burnt the crap out of the bottom. But I just picked out the black parts and added a few extra beans. I don’t think they noticed. Goodnight.

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  1. Not your new(ish) car! Wahhh. I have all my digits crossed that it was under some sort of warranty(?)

    I know you didn’t ask for cooking hints, but a crock pot is the best thing ever for things like soups, beans, sauces. No muss no fuss no burn.

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