Another quick visit from the kids

Lisa, Duncan and the kids stopped by on their way back to Houston and had a nice lunch with us at the local coffee shop.

It was raining today and the local streams had turned into rivers. So we took a short walk up the hill to get a good view.


You know, before I had Gus, I would have thought nothing of the kids running along the slippery path and sheer rock cliffs that plummeted down to the rough brown raging waters.

But this time I could hardly breathe at times out of fear which I found turned into a shrill nagging.

So I periodically pelted them with snowballs to make up for it.

(p.s. There are two more posts up from earlier in the week)

3 thoughts on “Another quick visit from the kids

  1. On fearing for the safety of children: when I begin to worry too much, I recall the things we did as kids and take note that we all survived and then breathe a little more easily. But then, I think about the 60s and ….

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