Happy New Year

For the past 7 years, Charles and I have woken up bright and early to watch the first sunrise of the year and this year was no different. Ok, so a bit different. First of all it had snowed all night -gone was our warm beach scattered with youth who had not yet gone to bed. Instead we hiked up the hill to the top of the orchard and relied on the official time to tell us when the sunrise would have been way up there above the clouds.


And secondly we had gone to bed the night before by 10:30pm after a quick drink at the local Mosier pub (vs last year were we watched the fireworks over the Harbour Bridge and Opera House from the cushy view of our friends’ rented hotel room) so we weren’t nearly as tired as usual.

(coffee cup snow angels)

And thirdly we had a third with us.


(The fourth couldn’t be persuaded to leave the warmth of his woodstove and chose instead to sip his coffee and watch us from the window.)

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